Specialty Mountmaking

We work with you

to clarify your

goals + priorities

for display,

strategizing + designing optimum solutions considering unique object characteristics + dynamic positioning

Utilizing traditional

metal-forming + bending techniques, we methodically contour  cradling objects to maximize stability,

with support structures placed to accommodate

fragility + load.

Applying safe

artifact handling

practices + precautions, we use archival materials. Mounts are typically

made from brass, steel,

acrylic, foam, 

+/or cast elements, with soft felt + tubing barriers.

Concealed cradling, 

discreet tabs + expert camouflage paint-outs. Varieties include


security mounts,

adjustable telescoping + modular options with pin-, plate-, wall-,

+ deck- styles.

Articulate Exhibitions

We organize,

interpret + articulate

exhibition themes visually utilizing expressive

text + photo, color + shape layouts, designing

illustrative elements

including logo, graphics,

info displays + print materials.

Expressing overarching

key ideas + narrative themes via planning + coordination

of tangible exhibition elements including spatial footprint,

built environments,

texture + form communicating

via the physical.

Through crafted

fine art fabrication of

sculptural + painted

media, our scenic

dio- + pano- ramic elements manifest literal or metaphoric

places + objects

clearly recreating

lost or absent forms. 

Creating digital content including 3D renderings, moving images + virtual environments, we

excite + engage via 

playful + fantastic expressions of content with

interactive potential.

Custom Design + Fabrication

Fulcrum Mountmaking & Exhibitions / Judy Radovsky

914 W. Gunnison St.,  Chicago, IL   60640

412 - 512 - 0168         RADJUDY@GMAIL.COM

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